Lansing Housing Products News


Brian is looking forward to attending 2022 NAHRO National Conference in San Diego.  This will be a great opportunity to meet with new Housing Authorities we haven’t had the opportunity to meet before in person, and reconnect with those we haven’t seen in some time. We look forward to showing you our Tough Tek Metals® […]

March / April 2022

Just a little update today to share where we in March and April.  In March we traveled to Denver for UNAHA Training meetings and had the pleasure of meeting many tribal members for the first time and learning about their particular needs.  This was a great meeting and we hope to meet with these members […]

IAHA Annual Meeting

It’s been quite a while since we have had the opportunity to be traveling and we are looking forward to meeting in person in Illinois October 20 and 21, at the IAHA Annual Meeting. We will be able to answer any questions on our HUD Approved Steel Security Storm and Screen Doors, and our Maintenance-Free […]