Tough Tek Metals®

Child Safety Screens

Tough Tek Metals® Safety Screens withstand 100lbs. of static weight.

Tough Tek Metals® patented* safety screens keep small children on the safe side of an open window.

*US PATENT #9,617,784

Tough Tek Metals®

Get the Facts

Tough Tek Metals® safety screens are all about protection.
Protects Kids

Keeps small kids on the safe side of an open window.

Protects Property Owners.

98% reduction in screen maintenance costs in affordable housing cost study analysis.  Reduces higher insurance premiums and deductible payout.

Protects Windows.

From hail, rocks, debris, and damage outside and inside.

Screen Applications and Case References

Lansing Housing Products has a history of providing safety screens to protect children from window falls. Safety screens have also substantially reduced screen maintenance expense.

  • Multi-Family Housing
  • HUD Affordable Housing
  • Military Housing
  • Residential Housing
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Public Buildings

Case References

The following chart lists safety screen installations and replacements to-date.

2010-2012 Boston, MA 4,509 None to Date Castle Square
2010-2012 Boston, MA 732 4 Cathedral
2010-2012 Boston, MA 805 0 Jackson Gardens
2012 Albany, NY 85 None to Date St. Louis College
2009 Bloomington, IL 50 None to Date Housing Authority
2008-2009 St. Paul, MN 291 4 PPL
2009 Waterford, PA 155 None to Date Erie H.A.
2010 Hudsonville, MI 67 None to Date Fulgoni
2007 McComb, IL 80 None to Date Prairie View Home
2010-2012 Englewood, CO 41 None to Date Colorado Springs University
2010 Rogers, MN 220 None to Date Creek Side
2009-2010 Livonia, MI 77 None to Date Housing Authority
2009-2011 Noel, MO 30 None to Date Housing Authority
2006 Barry, IL 208 None to Date Housing Authority
2010 Georgetown, DE 54 None to Date SWRC Bldg.
2007-2010 Chicago, IL 12,230 Less than 1% Altgeld
2006 Minneapolis, MN 300 2 Many Rivers

Our child safety screens, Tough Tek Metals®, withstand 100 pounds static pressure and keep children on the safe side of an open window.

What Clients Say About Tough Tek Metals®

Tough Tek Metal screens are stylish, yet strong enough to stand up against storms and burglars. Virtually indestructible and designed to take a beating. I’ve stood behind these screens with baseballs being thrown at them to show how confident I am in their durability.

Steve Tidmore – Jojobets Contractors