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The Tough Tek Metals® (ToughTek) child safety screen protects small children from window-fall injuries. The ToughTek screen is manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum.  The ToughTek safety screen withstands 100 pounds of static weight. The ToughTek screen is an effective bug barrier that protects against insect-borne illnesses including the Zika virus.


**Lab test report available upon request.


The ToughTek safety screen is corrosion-resistant. It delivered a 98% reduction in screen maintenance costs in an affordable housing cost-benefit analysis**. ToughTek safety screens also reduce insurance premiums and deductible payouts.

Child standing on window screen


The ToughTek screen is a ‘green’ product as the aluminum and steel materials are completely recyclable, unlike fiberglass screens.

Our child safety screens, Tough Tek Metals®, withstand 100 pounds static pressure and keep children on the safe side of an open window.

What Clients Say About Child Safety Screens

After explaining the problem of children falling from windows, and how they could help, Brian Houlihan and the entire labor force at Lansing Housing Products took on the project with enthusiasm and purpose.  They took it on, and with the assistance of the Iowa State University Engineering Department came up with a patented Child Safety Screen.

When asked to do a Benefit/Cost Analysis to determine the impact of the Child Safety Screens when installed on existing large multi-unit affordable housing developments it was found that such installation saved property management approximately 98% of all window maintenance costs. 
The screens simply save money as well as save children

Jim Graham Executive Director | National Association for Child Window Safety